Vox Veritatis

Vox Veritatis – the voice of truth. This answers the cry of eternity against the empty vanity that humanity has to offer to those who seek to know God. There is a sense of eternity planted in the heart of man that drives us to seek truth, but we are at a loss to discover it on our own. In fact, truth transcends human existence so that it is inherently unknowable, unless it is revealed. Were it not for the fact that a transcendent God spoke and revealed Himself to man, we could not know truth, so the voice of truth is understood specifically as the revelation of God Himself.

Ultimately, the voice of truth is one and the same with the Word of God…as Jesus said, “Thy word is truth.” Only where God has revealed Himself, can truth be known, and we have been given the voice of truth, in His revelation of Himself – the Word of God. We seek to hear His voice as we search the Scriptures to know God, who is truth.


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